Brick Walk and Biblical Garden Project


So far we have completed the brick walk between Temple entrance and the biblical garden site.

In order to put bricks and biblical plants in the area around the fountain, some major infrastructure work is required in leveling the ground, putting up a small decorative retention wall, grading the planting area, and providing the base for the bricks. We’ve had three estimates to have the work completed and the cost is around $6000.

As you know, Linda Kruger and Frances Williams donated the fountain, and these ladies would like to donate two benches as well, but we can’t add anything to the fountain area until the infrastructure is completed. So how can we raise this money?

1. Buy bricks. The walkway has lots of space for more bricks and a large portion of every sale goes to our Temple. If we sold 70 more bricks, the cost of the infrastructure would be covered, and we’d have 70 more bricks with wonderful messages to walk on! Take a look at the poster that Debbie Levy did for us in the Temple’s lobby and fill out the forms on TBE’s hall table, and get it to Dee Cook or Alison Mann. The latest shipment of bricks came in last week, and once they are in the ground, the donors of those bricks will be receiving a note urging them to take a look at their bricks and qvell!

2. We now have a separate fund for infrastructure donations and you can contribute to that fund when you wish to honor or memorialize someone, or when you just want to add to the Fund. Thanks to Bob Kimball, your donation can now be made through the Temple’s website and paid through PayPal. The name of the fund is the Biblical Garden Construction Fund. Whether you add to this Fund through the Donation page of the Website or send a check to the Temple noting that this is the Fund where you wish your contribution to go, you will be beautifying the Temple and providing a spot for meditation and relaxation. You don’t have to be a member of the Temple to buy bricks or add to the Fund.

Our committee composed of Dee Cook, Bob Kimball, Linda Kruger, Alison Mann, Norm Mazer, Jerry Silverman and Frances Williams look forward to partnering with you to get this job done!!

New Brick Order Form