The Masonic Cemetery located at 760 S. Compress is the final resting place for many of our temple members. There are 3 areas where Jewish people have been buried over our long history. The last 2 sections are off of Brown St. Each area has been consecrated by the Rabbi at the time of acquisition.

Any temple member may be buried there including non-Jewish spouses so long as there are not any crosses or symbols of another faith.

To purchase a plot, arrangements are made through the cemetery. At this time, the price for a plot is $1500.00 payable to Masonic Cemetery. The contact person is Karen at 526-9474.

If a non-temple member who is Jewish wishes to be buried in the Jewish section, there is a fee of $1200.00 payable to Temple Beth El.  In some situations, an adjustment may be made to this fee, please discuss this with the temple president (Nan Rubin-917-656-0886). Karen has forms available at the cemetery office or call Diane Fleishman at 717-471-2419 (cell) or 575-373-9589 (home) for assistance.

Please contact Rabbi Evette Lutman if you need help with funeral arrangements at 524-3380.