2021-2022 Temple Board of Trustees

Nan Rubin, President

I moved to Las Cruces in October 2013 from New York City, where I lived for almost 25 years in Northern Manhattan. I was diagnosed with MS in 2005, and as my mobility declined, it became harder and harder for me to get by in the city, and my brother Ned (Rubin) and sister-in-law Francine (Feinberg) all moved here together.

I’ve been a community media activist for more than 35 years, built 2 community radio stations from scratch (KUVO in Denver and WAIF in Cincinnati) and was a founder of several national and international community media organizations. When I moved here, right away I got involved with Las Cruces Community Radio, and KTAL Radio 101.5 fm has successfully been on the air 2 years now. I love doing my weekly show Café con Leche interviewing interesting locals.

While producing the hugely popular 3-part radio series “The Hidden Jews of New Mexico” heard on NPR, I developed an avid interest in medieval Jewish history and started making papercuts.  I’ve been committed to Jewish social justice since junior high and was a Founder and long-term Board Member of Jews for Racial and Economic Justice in New York City.

I bring to the TBE Board years of experience in governance, fundraising, and budgeting, and serve as informal Parliamentarian.


Lynn Zeemont, Vice President

Fourteen years ago, Dave and I were on vacation here in Las Cruces when a phone call back to our son in New York indicated there was two feet of snow on the ground. We started looking; and with a University, two medical centers, Lowes & Home Depot, and most importantly a temple, we decided Las Cruces would be the place for us. For 25 years I had my own restoration company in the marble and granite industry servicing clients such as Rockefeller Center and the World Trade Center. I have been on the Sisterhood council for the last nine years and have served as Treasurer for 7 terms. During covid I have had several meetings with other Pacific District Sisterhoods to listen and share ideas and strategies. I have worked with Professor Kathleen Key of UTEP to facilitate the three presentations on fashion and Jewish artists made available to the congregation. During this past transition term on the board, I have come to appreciate the hard work and creativity of our other board members and many of our congregants. As head of the Finance committee, I am constantly reviewing our finances so we can navigate back to a rabbi led congregation. I have written the articles in the Adelante regarding finance and Sisterhood to keep our members informed and am committed to continue working on the board to complete our transition period and enhance our TBE community.


Wendee Lorbeer, Secretary

Temple community life has always been important to me. It gives me great pride to serve my fellow congregants and neighbors. At Temple Beth Zion in Buffalo, NY, I proudly served as President of the Board of Trustees from 2006 to 2008, serving more than 1,000 families. There, I also served as Board Secretary, and Chairs of the Religious School, Rabbinic Search, and Building Renovation Committees. At Temple Beth-El I have volunteered at the Jewish Food and Folk Festival, served on the Ways and Means, Auction, and the Constitution and Bylaws Revision Committees. I have volunteered at La Tienda de Jardin and serve on the board of our homeowners association. I retired from a 34-year career as a math teacher and K-12 Math Coordinator, where I also coordinated and taught workshops to mentors of new faculty. My husband Art and I love spending half our year in our home here and half in Buffalo. With the ability to attend meetings virtually I now have the ability to serve Temple Beth-El in a greater capacity and am eager to do so. We are the proud parents of a daughter and two sons and have two beautiful granddaughters.

Michael Mandel, Treasurer

My parents were sharecroppers in the Catskills. I went to college and then I worked in New York doing publishing and advertising. I married Barbara Williamson while in New York, and we had a baby. Our little family moved to Albuquerque, so my wife could get a law degree. I was a stockbroker. From Albuquerque we moved here. I earned a Master’s degree, and taught English and Theater. I’ve been on many boards in Las Cruces, including Children’s Theater, Branigan Library Expansion, City Dance, City Cable Compliance Commission, Mesilla Valley Film Society, and International Mariachi Festival. I’ve been on the temple board off and on since 1998, and have been dues chair since 1998. I worked the Pastrami booth at the Renaissance Faire for about three years with Dan Tapper as the head, then he tricked me to take it over and I ran it for about 7-8 years. Now I help Dave Zeemont with it.


Steven Haydu

I arrived in Las Cruces in May of 2018, from Phoenix. Prior to my sojourn in Phoenix I lived in Alamogordo for 17 years.  I became acquainted with Temple Beth El while in Alamogordo, but the distance was enough to keep me from consistent involvement. Originally from Milwaukee, WI, I lived there until about 1997.  I moved to Las Cruces in part, because the temple has been very welcoming – in contrast to others I’ve come across- and I am planning to settle here with my partner.  By day, I am a library manager at Thomas Branigan Memorial Library.  This is an exciting and challenging time to be on the Temple board. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to help the Temple community move forward and keep getting better.


Pearie Bruder

I am a Las Cruces native, leaving in 1991 to explore the world and obtain an excellent education from Temple University in PA and returned in 2004.  My husband Ronnie and I learned early that family and community are the most treasured things in life.  I have participated on many committees over the years in support of our Temple home from the new Member committee, Training Wheels, to Sisterhood Council, and Religious School Committee.

I live to learn, be open to new perspectives, appreciate the value others bring to every situation in life, and to use God’s tremendous gift of giving me a voice and strength to use it diplomatically, kindly, patiently.

Our Temple family is dear to us.   I believe in developing strong foundations to support the future of our Temple home, by memorializing the hard work of our predecessors, to ensure the longevity of our Temple and ease administration for the future leaders.  I am on my second term on the Board. Thank you for the opportunity to continue to support our Temple home.


Martha Roditti

In 2004, I came to Las Cruces after living for 40 years in San Francisco. The major factors that lured me to Las Cruces were a faculty position at the School of Social Work at NMSU as the Field Director and the view of the Organ Mountains. After almost 35 years in academia, I retired from teaching in 2011 and am happily pursuing my favorite activity, sculpting in clay. I have two wonderful daughters, one in Hawaii and one in Connecticut, and 4 grandchildren. During those years in San Francisco, I directed a children’s non-profit and was intensely involved in children’s advocacy as well as teaching at San Francisco State University. Over my career in SF and Las Cruces, I had the privilege of writing and receiving many local and federal social work grants in child welfare and domestic violence.  I’ve been on the board of many non-profits and currently am on the board of Jardin de los Ninos, a child care center serving homeless and near homeless children. Temple Beth El has been part of my life for many years. I enjoy the High Holy Day services and have been a member of the Short Story Reading Group, the Women’s Spirituality Group, and the Social Action Committee as well as volunteering at the Renaissance Faire and Jewish Food Festival. I believe Temple Beth El can play a vital role in Las Cruces, and I wish to be a part of its future evolution.


Marieka Brown

(Bio coming soon)




Bryan McCuller

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Cherri Hudson-Brown

I want to serve the Temple as it has been there for me and my family over the years. My husband Jeff and I moved to Las Cruces in 1984. Our children had their bar and bat mitzvahs at the Temple on Parker Road. I taught Religious School and served as Religious School Principal for a year. I was a member of the Board of Trustees for four years and President of our Hadassah chapter for a year. I believe my earlier background in Iowa and Illinois as a newspaper reporter and a public relations writer helped me in these roles. For several years, I was less active, but in May 2020 I became an adult bat mitzvah and recommitted to my life as a Jew. I joined and became chair of the Religious Practices Committee (RPC). Since then I have lined up people for services and organized the High Holy Days. As chair of RPC, I’ve learned no one can do any job by him or herself, and our work is better when we can be free to share our ideas and solutions. The Temple is important to me and I want to continue to support this amazing community.

Diane Fleishman

I am honored to serve on Temple Beth-El’s Board. I served on the Board for 4 years previously and on 3 other Temple boards. I have also served on state, regional and national professional boards, becoming President of each. I was Director of Internships, Service Learning, Community Service and Career Service at a University for 21 years. Prior to that I had various positions in human services. Much has changed since I was on the TBE board, there and in my life. As challenges have occurred, I have been impressed, and blessed, how the TBE Community has responded. As my Grandmother said: “we are small but mighty.” There are many challenges left to face, but as a might community we can achieve a successful future. I grew up in my Temple youth group (I was president) and started teaching Sunday School as an aide in high school. Altogether I have about 30 years teaching and am happy to be teaching Sunday School again. I take “teach them to your children” very seriously. They are our future; nothing is better than teaching the beauty of living an ethical Jewish life.

Dee Cook, Sisterhood Representative

Iʼve been a temple member since 1990 when we moved here from Michigan.  My interests have given me the opportunity to work on the Gala, the Renaissance Faire the New Temple Committee and to coordinate the capital campaign for our current building with David Steinborn.  I have been President, Vice President, Secretary and unofficial Treasurer.  I am currently the Sisterhood representative to the board and on the Ways and Means committee.  The Temple has been here for me and I feel it is my responsibility to make sure that it’s here for future generations.


Jeff Lewis, Mensch Club Representative