2019-2020 Temple Board of Trustees

          – Pictures and Biographic notes of new members coming soon-

Cheryl Decker, President

I was elected to the Board in May 2018 and consider it a privilege to represent the congregants of Temple Beth-El.  Being actively involved in events and committees allows me to meet many of you and I hope you will trust me with any concerns or questions you may have.  I currently serve as Co-Chair of the Ways and Means Committee,  plus I’m on the Sisterhood Council, the Social Action Committee, and I coordinate the food for the Wednesday Breakfast Club.  I enjoy gathering and displaying items for the JFFF Bazaar, and I have worked at the Renaissance Faire for the past three years.  I was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and my husband David and I moved here almost six years ago from West Chester, Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati.  We consider Las Cruces and Temple Beth-El our forever homes.


Joanne Turnbull, Vice President

I grew up in Pittsburgh, and as an adult have lived in Michigan, North Carolina, New York City, Texas, and Maine.  I moved to Las Cruces in 2017 and joined the Temple that year.  I was elected to the board in 2018 for my first term and serve on the Ways & Means Committee. I am the mother of four children (Jennifer, Amanda, Megan, and Andrew) and grandmother of five (Jake, Oliver, Charlotte, Jordan and Nola).  I am Executive Director Emerita of the National Patient Safety Foundation and a life-long writer.


Steven Haydu, Secretary

I arrived in Las Cruces in May of 2018, from Phoenix. Prior to my sojourn in Phoenix I lived in Alamogordo for 17 years.  I became acquainted with Temple Beth El while in Alamogordo, but the distance was enough to keep me from consistent involvement. Originally from Milwaukee, WI, I lived there until about 1997.  I moved to Las Cruces in part, because the temple has been very welcoming – in contrast to others I’ve come across- and I am planning to settle here with my partner.  By day, I am a library manager at Thomas Branigan Memorial Library.  This is an exciting and challenging time to be on the Temple board. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to help the Temple community move forward and keep getting better.


Michael Mandel, Treasurer

My parents were sharecroppers in the Catskills. I went to college and then I worked in New York doing publishing and advertising. I married Barbara Williamson while in New York, and we had a baby. Our little family moved to Albuquerque, so my wife could get a law degree. I was a stockbroker. From Albuquerque we moved here. I earned a Master’s degree, and taught English and Theater. I’ve been on many boards in Las Cruces, including Children’s Theater, Branigan Library Expansion, City Dance, City Cable Compliance Commission, Mesilla Valley Film Society, and International Mariachi Festival. I’ve been on the temple board off and on since 1998, and have been dues chair since 1998. I worked the Pastrami booth at the Renaissance Faire for about three years with Dan Tapper as the head, then he tricked me to take it over and I ran it for about 7-8 years. Now I help Dave Zeemont with it.


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Barbara Berger








Ruth Rubin

I moved here in January of 2013 and joined Temple Beth-El (TBE) pretty soon after I got settled. I was born, raised, and educated in Philadelphia, Pa., eventually getting married (& divorced) in Lubbock, Texas. I got my MEd in Reading at Texas Tech University. I taught music at Congregation Shaareth Israel in Lubbock. After caring for my elderly parents in Philly, after they passed away, and after I “took care of business” I moved to Las Cruces, on the recommendation of Norm Osborne and Joy Goldbaum. I am now in the TBE choir, and I help the Rabbi with office matters, putting out candles, and doing the memorial lights. I love living here, and I love TBE. I participate regularly in Temple activities, and co-lead Shabbat services in the Rabbi’s absence. I was elected to Temple Beth-El’s Board of Trustees in May 2018.


Pearie Bruder

I am a Las Cruces native, leaving in 1991 to explore the world and obtain an excellent education from Temple University in PA and returned in 2004.  My husband Ronnie and I learned early that family and community are the most treasured things in life.  I have participated on many committees over the years in support of our Temple home from the new Member committee, Training Wheels, to Sisterhood Council, and Religious School Committee.

I live to learn, be open to new perspectives, appreciate the value others bring to every situation in life, and to use God’s tremendous gift of giving me a voice and strength to use it diplomatically, kindly, patiently.

Our Temple family is dear to us.   I believe in developing strong foundations to support the future of our Temple home, by memorializing the hard work of our predecessors, to ensure the longevity of our Temple and ease administration for the future leaders.  I am on my second term on the Board. Thank you for the opportunity to continue to support our Temple home.


Luke Duddridge

I was born in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, in 1948. Fitchburg at the time was a major center of industry, and my father did his part while my mother was a stay-at-home mom. My parents were holiday Christians, and my sister, two brothers, and I were raised with the expectation that we would follow along. I loved the music, sang in the choir, but the message didn’t take for me. I went to school in Massachusetts before wandering off to sail the seven seas. Well, that’s not quite true. I didn’t see much of the seven seas, I saw too much of the Pacific Ocean, and way too much of Viet Nam.

Martha Roditti

Nan Rubin

Lynn Zeemont

Fourteen years ago, Dave and I were on vacation here in las cruces when a phone call back to our son in New York indicated that there was two feet of snow on the ground.  We started looking; and with a university, two medical centers, Loews & Home Depot, and most importantly a temple, we decided Las Cruces would be the place for us.  I spent my last 25 work years in the marble & granite industry, selling products to distributors as well as a consulting business for stone restoration. My clients included the Rockefeller Center, the Met Life building, One Wall Street, as well as the World Trade Center.  For the past four years I have been treasurer of the Sisterhood and been involved in many of the Sisterhood’s supportive activites.  Over in Picacho Hills I was named to the Committee of Six which oversaw the sale of the club to a private entity. I believe my work experience has increased my ability to make decisions based on careful consideration of facts and help the temple navigate through good and difficult times.


Dave Decker, Mensch Club Representative







Dee Cook, Sisterhood Rep

Iʼve been a temple member since 1990 when we moved here from Michigan.  My interests have given me the opportunity to work on the Gala, the Renaissance Faire the New Temple Committee and to coordinate the capital campaign for our current building with David Steinborn.  I have been President, Vice President, Secretary and unofficial Treasurer.  I am currently the Sisterhood representative to the board and on the Ways and Means committee.  The Temple has been here for me and I feel it is my responsibility to make sure that it’s here for future generations.