Wednesday Morning Torah Study

   At 10:15 on Wednesday mornings, Rabbi Karol leads Torah and Tanakh study.  Since 2008, this group has studied the entire Torah plus the books of Joshua and Judges.  Rabbi Karol refers to this as “peer study,” as different members of this learning community bring a wide variety of translations and commentaries and add their own insights to our discussions.  The group is currently focusing on the beginning chapters of the Book of Exodus.   



Study during worship

Shabbat and holiday services offer a special opportunity to discuss the meaning of our Torah and Haftarah readings and to reflect on the significance of individual readings in the prayerbook. On Shabbat morning, we engage in the common practice of discussing the weekly Torah reading (parashat hashavua) during the service.   Some Friday night services include an interactive discussion as well.   We encourage congregants to add their thoughts to these conversations that seek to deepen our Jewish knowledge.