Exploring Jewish Wisdom and “Sweet Songs” of the Bible

  This study group meets on a weeknight (usually Monday or Tuesday) to delve into a specific text for greater understanding and to highlight the relevance of these passages for our lives today.   In 2011-2012, participants discussed and examined the biblical book of Proverbs.  In 2012-2013, study focused on Pirkei Avot, the Saying of the Rabbis.  Beginning in the fall of 2013, we embarked on a review of Psalms, the ancient biblical songbook/prayerbook which has provided texts that have become integrated into many cultures around the world.  The study of Psalms will continue into 2014-2015/5775. 


Judaism: Roots and Rituals – An Introduction to Judaism Course

This ten-week series is designed for adult learners, seekers and explorers who want to know more about Judaism and Jewish life.  Essential Judaism, by George Robinson, is our text, which augmented by other materials as the course touches upon Jewish worship, holidays, life cycle events, history, customs, practices, theology, philosophy, and culture.  The series normally begins in the fall and runs through early February.  This course is among the requirements for anyone seeking to convert to Judaism at our congregation.      Check the calendar or Temple newsletter or call the Temple office for more information.  


Independent Study

Rabbi Karol is willing to meet with individual congregants and community members for short-term discussion or long-term study of a particular Jewish idea, book, or text.   Please contact Rabbi Karol for more information.