Thank you, Klim Maling, for your excellent presentation ” The Weissensee Cemetary” on Sunday, June 29, 2014. Attendees found it most informative and many favorable comments were received.


The Adult Education Committee would like to extend its gratitude to Joan Silar for her dedicated service during the past year as the publicity liason for the committee. Thanks to Joan’s outreach to the media and list servs, not only congregants, but also  the greater Las Cruces community were informed of TBEs Adult Education events. That lead to large numbers of attendees who were thus exposed to the temple, its people, and topics of interest, not to mention the lovely concert performances.




I would like to thank Bob Kimball for the tremendous amount of time and energy he has given to the new temple web site.  He has made it user friendly and gives us the opportunity to keep up-to-date regarding temple activities. Their are several people who have been trained to keep material current and relevant.  I hope you take the time to navigate this site.

Dee Cook